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Preparing your home to sell

Preparing your home can be as much work, or more, than the actual sale and moving process, but it’s the preparation that makes the whole process more efficient and provides for the best results. Some of the items below may be obvious, but it can be easy to overlook the obvious amongst everything else. So, we’ll list all the areas that deserve some attention to make sure we cover all the bases. Now first impressions are key, so we recommend that you start your evaluation at the driveway and work your way to the front door.  Just start a list and keep adding to it, but do remember the first impression items are of most importance. 




  • Decluttering the entire home; this includes items on counters, in cabinets, on tables, closets, garage and even attic spaces.  The less you have, the larger the spaces appear.

  • Cleaning, caulking and painting base boards that are not in good condition

  • Cleaning and touching up paint within the home.  Normally eggshell and semi-gloss finishes clean up well, while flat finishes work better being touched up.  Any finish of paint that has been on the wall for several years is going to fade, so test a spot first because touch ups that don’t match will bring more attention to the area.  If you have a room that needs to be completely repainted, chose a light color that will enlarge the space.  Select a color that will appeal to the majority of prospective Buyer’s. Neutral colors in the beige and gray families tend to work best.  Lastly, use a flat paint. It has the benefit of hiding drywall imperfections, especially on two story or expansive wall areas.  Egg shell finishes, in similar situations, will call more attention to drywall flaws. 

  • Make sure you do not have wrinkles in your carpet. Having them stretched is inexpensive and most are completed without moving your furniture.

  • Clean all light fixtures and fans and make sure all bulbs are working.  In rooms where lighting is a problem don’tuse CFL bulbs, they take a while to get to their full brightness.  The Buyer may view this space for only a brief time and you don’t want to leave the impression it is a dark space.

  • Change all furnace filters and change them often during the listing process.

  • Replace broken blinds or take them down.  Make sure all other blinds are clean and in good working order.

  • Do what makes the most sense to provide a clean and pleasant smell upon entering the home.


  • Clean, paint, repair or replace front door to bring it to stellar condition.

  • Make sure to remove dead shrubs and trim the healthy ones.  Make your shrub beds free of weeds and refresh old mulch or pine needles.

  • Pressure wash whatever surfaces of your home that need it.  Make sure it’s free from green algae and webs.  Also, pressure wash your porches, patios, steps and walk ways. Anything from the drivewayto the front door are the highest priorities. 


  • Clean all exterior light fixtures and replace non-functioning bulbs.

  • Repair, clean or paint any fencing, out buildings or dog houses that are in dis-repair.

  • Tighten any lose shutters and clean or repaint if needed.

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