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Our Journey

GR8REALTY4U was born out of an urge to provide clients with what they really want, and more importantly, what they need in a real estate transaction. I refer to it as a journey because it was a progression of events that ultimately created it, not a specific goal to open a firm.

Twenty-two years ago, I set out to obtain a real estate license simply for my personal knowledge. However, the more I learned, the more I wanted to know.  Upon completion, I decided that this was the path I wanted to pursue as a career. Over the next six months I took all the required classes for my Brokers license and began my real estate career in 1997 with Coldwell Banker.  I remained there for two years until I was given an opportunity in new home sales with D. Ballard Homes, a small builder in Union county.  The real estate market was booming, and the company was growing quickly. Within a year I was promoted to Sales Manager and would remain there for the next eight years. Unfortunately, the economic downturn in 2008 compromised their ability to survive.

During the downturn, jobs were few, so I returned to full service brokerage with the Allen Tate company. A couple years later they offered me a position as Sales Manager, where I would remain for two additional years until I was drawn away by a rare opportunity to manage new home sales and brokerage services for another Union county builder.  Three years in this role helped me to discern how much I missed the challenge and satisfaction of being in full service brokerage.  However, I wanted to approach it with more client focus and less on the numbers and sales goals.  I knew this meant starting my own firm. It wasn’t something I had ever desired in the past, but with this new aim, that all changed.  


I shared what I was contemplating with Daniel Snider, an agent that has worked with me during most of his tenure as a Realtor, and his immediate response was “ I followed you to this firm, so if you do this, I am totally on board!” Since Daniel and I bring an entirely different set of skills to the table, he was the perfect first agent.  Not long after and while still in the early stages of this new venture, Pat Nedvesky, another skilled and experienced agent that had worked with Daniel and I at another firm, made the decision to join us. This only strengthened our team that much more. Together we have been able to create a firm that will be able to meet every aspiration I had going into this. 


Welcome to GR8REALTY4U!   A firm designed to; recognize and respond to the individual needs of our clients, provide outstanding service, executed with proficiency and integrity to give you a truly exceptional real estate experience.  If you give us the opportunity to represent you in your next real estate sale, we will do everything we can to exceed your expectations. We hope you’ll allow us to prove it.

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